To fully enjoy all the beauty that the island of Curacao has to offer, we recommend renting a car for at least a few days. It’s the easiest way to get around, visit all the beautiful places and beaches and to get your groceries. Driving on the island is pretty easy. This blog will give you some tips and information to help you prepare.

Car rental companies

You can choose from many different car rental companies. Curacao Ocean Resort choose to work together with a local rental company which is located next to the airport. The aim is to stimulate the local economy as much as possible. You can request a quote directly through Curacao Island Rentals. There are various types of cars available: eco, mid-size, mini-SUV, big SUV and bus. We can also offer a car suitable for a wheelchair user. Book on time, because the offer is scarce during certain periods. If you book a rental car via Curacao Island Rentals, you will receive a car rental voucher which you present to the car rental agent who will meet you at the airport. If you don’t need a rental car, we will gladly arrange a transfer for you!

The roads on Curacao

Driving on Curacao is easy to do. Except for the main road in Willemstad, all roads are single lane and there are no highways, so the average speed is not that high. There are also no toll roads on the island. The main roads are of good quality, the secondary roads a little less so but they are still easily accessible. To reach some beaches or places you have to take unpaved roads. Watch out for holes and loose stones on the road. If you're careful you'll be fine. If you don't like the unpaved roads, you can also choose to take a car with four-wheel drive.

Navigating while driving

Navigating on Curacao can be a bit difficult in some places. You can download the complete accurate map of Curacao via the apps Google Maps or, so you can always navigate your route, even if you don’t have internet access. If you go on a long trip, it’s wise to bring a power bank or phone charger because these apps consume a lot of battery. When you are driving for several days on the island you will notice that the road network is not that difficult. There are many small supermarkets near the main roads where you can buy food and drinks. Still, it's smart to always have some drinks, food and cash money with you in case something happens.

Extra tips

  • To avoid high prices or no availability, we always recommend booking a rental car in advance.
  • Please note, if you are going to refuel on Curacao you have to pay in advance. If you don't know for how much money you have to refuel, it's better to pay a little more. If you have refueled for less, you will get the change back.
  • There will not always be a gas station nearby so make sure you refuel on time.
  • Do not rent an electric car, there are not many places on the island where you can charge it.
  • Use the car's steering wheel lock, even if you're only gone for a short period of time.
  • Never leave valuables in the car unattended.
  • On the multi-lane roads you can be overtaken from the right and left. Officially it's not allowed, but it's a habit.

With these tips and information, you are ready to hit the road in Curacao and explore the island with a rental car!